Good Grips Measuring Spoon Set, Black Plastic, 6-Pc.

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For precise measuring, try the Ox good Grips 6-piece measuring spoon set. The spoons feature permanent, bright, color-coded numbers so that measurement markings are easily recognizable. Each of the spoons snaps onto the ring separately, making it simple to remove them one at a time. The set includes convenient ½ tablespoon and 1/8 teaspoon measurements which are especially handy when cutting a recipe in half. The handles have soft grips for added comfort.

  • Easily remove one Spoon at a time without opening the ring
  • Bright, color-coded, permanent measurement markings
  • Includes convenient ½ T and 1/8 tsp measurements
  • Soft, non-slip handles
  • Dishwasher safe